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We pride ourselves on going above and beyond in the digitizing process, surpassing the efforts of other companies. Our dedication extends beyond mere checking and identification of correct pattern information; we strive to unravel the essence of pattern accuracy. Many customers seek production digitizing without knowing whether their patterns are correct or not, and it is our mission to shed light on this crucial aspect.


While the accuracy of a pattern is ultimately determined by the sample, identifying patterns solely through samples can be challenging for some customers. It is common for individuals to envision large-scale production without realizing that an unsuccessful initial pattern can lead to subsequent complications throughout the entire process.


With our digitized patterns, we provide instant accessibility worldwide through digital files. These files can be utilized for saving, plotting, sampling, or full-fledged production purposes, ensuring seamless global connectivity.


To facilitate the digitizing process, we kindly request the provision of the pattern, pattern chart, and a sample. These essential materials allow us to undertake precise digitization, ensuring optimal accuracy and a smooth transition to the digital realm.


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