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Our esteemed team of pattern makers in Los Angeles possesses extensive expertise in preproduction and production pattern making, allowing them to discern not just the desires but also the true needs of our esteemed customers.


With profound knowledge and a wealth of experience in fabric variety, including fabric shrinkage, fit challenges, and draping intricacies, we consistently achieve excellence in garment design production. Our creations exhibit a harmonious balance, utmost comfort, and exquisite fit.


Specializing in pattern making across various segments, such as contemporary, missy, junior, plus size, men's wear, teen's wear, sportswear, and children's wear, we have crafted prototypical patterns and production patterns that prioritize cost efficiency without compromising on quality.


To bring your design visions to life, we meticulously develop pattern productions based on your provided measurements, fabric specifications, working instructions, flat sketches with front and back views, as well as reference photos or samples. We strive to capture even the minutest details and lines from your sketches, ensuring your design intents are faithfully represented.


For the best size and fit, you have the option to furnish us with blocks or precise measurement specifications. Additionally, if you have specific measurements or samples in mind, we are more than happy to accommodate your preferences.


Adapting to the fast-paced nature of the industry, we employ advanced modern CAD systems to manufacture patterns, providing our clients with tailored fits that suit their individual requirements.

Within our comprehensive pattern library, we house various body sizes, enabling us to cater to your buyer's specific body size requests. Rest assured, your patterns saved in our database can be easily edited at any time or serve as a foundation for future productions, readily available for plotting.


Upon completion, we deliver the finished patterns to you in paper format, accompanied by a pattern card. For those who prefer a digital file, we also provide the option of receiving the patterns in DXF format.


Should you require pattern analysis for designs created elsewhere, we offer expert editing and consulting services to ensure optimal results.


For pattern making, we kindly request the provision of measurement specifications, fabric details, working instructions, flat sketches with front and back views, as well as reference photos or samples.




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